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Baraca Class

Broadcasting For Christ (click this title to read a newspaper article about the Baraca Class)

A Baraca Class Lesson: Notes or Listen.  The recording may not be the same lesson as the Notes.

The Baraca Class---Room 217---Second Floor, McConnell Educational Building
This radio ministry, which began in 1934, records its weekly session, beginning at 8:15 a. m. for broadcast at 10:00 AM over 107.7 WHQA-FM.
Men and women of all ages attend the class and sing in the chorus.
With WRIX’s strong signal, the Baraca Class ministers to homebound listeners and others in Anderson and well beyond.
The teacher is the Rev. Lawrence Webb.
Music for the broadcast includes hymns and quartet-style gospel songs.  Phil Marett directs the chorus.  Accompanists are Lucy Evans and Margaret Hicks.  Mell Gerrard presides.  The program includes announcements of birthdays, anniversaries, illness, and bereavement.
The hour-long session concludes at approximately 9:15 AM in time for class members to move to the sanctuary for the 9:30 AM morning worship hour.