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Monday, June 29, 2015
Loving God, Loving Others, Loving Life, IN CHRIST
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2015-06-28 - Making the Message Clear 21: No Free Lunch; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-06-21 - Making the Message Clear 20: Just Like His Father; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-06-14 - For Such a Time as This; Josh Hunt (listen)
2015-06-07 - Making the Message Clear 19: TELL IT!; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-05-31 - Making the Message Clear 18: Guided by the Spirit; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-05-24 - Making the Message Clear 17: Convinced by the Holy Spirit; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-05-17 - Making the Message Clear 16: Carpe Diem!; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-05-10 - Making the Message Clear 15: Hi Mom; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-05-03 - Making the Message Clear 14: Holy Father; Jim Thomason (listen) 
2015-04-26 - Making the Message Clear 13: Why This Gospel?; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-04-19 - Children's Sunday - What Is It Like to be a Child?; Amy Brown (cd's are available in the church office)
2015-04-12 - Making the Message Clear 12: Do You Love Me; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-04-05 - Making the Message Clear 11: Resurrection Light; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-03-29 - Making the Message Clear 10: A Required Decision; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-03-22 - Making the Message Clear 9: Mission Accomplished; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-03-15 - Making the Message Clear 8: No Greater Friend; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-03-08 - Making the Message Clear 7: The Way; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-03-01 - Making the Message Clear 6: Christian Living; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-02-22 - Making the Message Clear 5: The Grace to Receive; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-02-15 - Making the Message Clear 4: Turning Point; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-02-08 - Making the Message Clear 3: Avoid the Trap; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-02-01 - Making the Message Clear 2: Signs; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-01-25 - A First-Person Introduction to THE GOSPEL OF JOHN; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-01-18 - Worth Losing Sleep Over; Josh Hunt (listen)
2015-01-11 - Good Ol' Barney; Jim Thomason (listen)
2015-01-04 - Party in the New Year; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-12-28 - Simeon: Recognizing God's Move; Abby Waters (listen)
2014-12-21 - John's Perspective: The Light of All Mankind; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-12-14 - Isaiah's Perspective: The Light of Dawn; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-12-07 - A Christmas Tapestry presented by FBC Sanctuary Choir with Orchestra (cd's are available in the church office)
2014-11-30 - It Costs a Pretty Penny; Josh Hunt (listen)
2014-11-23 - Refusing to Come to the Thanksgiving Table; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-11-16 - Cutting Corners or Counting the Cost?; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-11-09 - Inspecting the Harvest Self-Control; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-11-02 - Inspecting the Harvest Gentleness; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-10-26 - Inspecting the Harvest Faithfulness; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-10-19 - Inspecting the Harvest Goodness; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-10-12 - Inspecting the Harvest Kindness; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-10-05 - Inspecting the Harvest Patience; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-09-28 - Inspecting the Harvest Peace; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-09-21 - Inspecting the Harvest Joy; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-09-14 - Inspecting the Harvest Love; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-09-07 - Life's Better When We're Together; Josh Hunt (listen)
2014-08-31 - Uncommon Light; Amy Brown (listen)
2014-08-24 - Sunday School: Does it Still Matter?; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-08-17 - A Church Worth Celebrating; Jim Thomason (listen)
2014-08-10 - A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor; Josh Hunt (listen)
2014-08-03 - Nearer, My God, To Thee; James Thomason (listen)
2014-07-27 - A Kingdom Focus; James Thomason (listen)
2014-07-20 - Check Your "Pods"; James Thomason (listen)
2014-07-13 - Do Not Harden Your Hearts; James Thomason (listen)
2014-07-06 - Christian Values in a Secular Society; James Thomason (listen)
2014-06-29 - Vacation Time: Spirit, Soul, and Body; James Thomason (listen)
2014-06-22 - Baptizing Them: The Trinity; James Thomason (listen)
2014-06-15 - A Father's Embrace; James Thomason (listen)
2014-06-08 - Youth Sunday (listen)
2014-06-01 - Remembering as Summer Begins; James Thomason (listen)
2014-05-25 - When Day Is Done; James Thomason (listen)
2014-05-18 - A Wise and Discerning Heart; James Thomason (listen)
2014-05-11 - Build Your House; James Thomason (listen)
2014-05-04 - The Call; Guest Pastor Lindsay Allen (listen)
2014-04-27 - Keeping On Keeping On; Guest Pastor Lindsay Allen (listen)
2014-04-20 - Words to Life By RESTED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-04-13 - Words to Live By CONVINCED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-04-06 - Words to Live By TRANSFORMED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-30 - Words to Live By INCLUDED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-23 - Words to Live By RECONCILED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-16 - Words to Live By CONVICTED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-09 - Words to Live By HUMBLED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-03-02 - It Is Good For Us To Be Here; Josh Hunt (listen)
2014-02-23 - Words to Live By GROUNDED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-16 - Words to Live By COMPOSED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-09 - Words to Live By LOVED; James Thomason (listen)
2014-02-02 - Words to Live By ASSURED; James Thomason (listen)

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Memorial  Services

2015-02-15- The Alene (Pat) West Memorial Service