Mike Darby, Director

223 E. Benson St. Anderson, SC 29624
(864) 224-8088


To serve as an outreach ministry of First Baptist Church, providing safe, secure, and affordable housing for the senior citizens of our church and community, on a nonprofit basis.
How was the Wilmary acquired?
A 100% loan in the amount of $300,000 was obtained from South Carolina National Bank for the purchase. The loan was guaranteed by the First Baptist Church.
How is this loan being repaid?

The mortgage was repaid entirely through rental income.  As of October 2020, efficiency apartments rent for $375 per month, and one bedroom apartments rent for $425 per month, both including utilities (water, sewer, electricity, heating and cooling).

Is the building self-supporting?
The building is self-supporting in its everyday operating expenses, and receives no financial assistance from the First Baptist Church. Donations are received and appreciated from outside sources to assist in our on-going renovation program.
Who is technically the owner of the Wilmary building?
A separate corporation, the First Baptist Church Housing Ministry Corporation, was formed for the ownership of the building. The church itself is not in the position of “being in the real estate business.”
Who manages or oversees the Wilmary building?
The governing authority of the Wilmary building is a Board of Trustees, composed of eight First Baptist Church members and one ex-officio members. Daily management is provided by our building manager.
Are there any government imposed restrictions on the Wilmary ministry?
Since no federal funds are involved in any fashion with the ownership of the Wilmary, there are no restrictions of any type as to the ministry activities for which this building can be used.

Description of the building

The eight-story structure contains twelve one-bedroom apartments, two penthouse apartments, and thirty-six efficiency apartments. Each apartment contains a kitchen with stove, refrigerator and bath.
The building is constructed of solid masonry exterior and interior walls, and has two concrete stairways. All floors are constructed of concrete and steel.

Renovation Program

The building is being renovated as apartments become vacant. To date, thirty-four of the fifty apartments have been renovated. All windows have been replaced with insulating glass. The elevator has been replaced with a new unit. All window air conditioning units are new. All hallways, the lobby, and activities room have been renovated. A new fire alarm system has been installed. A new water heating boiler has been installed. The heating system has been renovated. Bathtubs have been reglazed in all renovated apartments.

Sharing the Vision

The Housing Ministry’s vision of transforming the Wilmary into the best building it can be in one that can be readily shared with individuals, groups, or First Baptist Church activities. Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of the ministry is just that — to minister to our senior adults in need — it is hoped that many people will want to share in the vision. How can you, your Sunday School Class, or missions organizations help?


· Be aware of available vacancies and inform others who may need this kind of living arrangement.
· Teach a Bible study class
· Transport residents to doctor appointment, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.
· Help with newsletter for residents
· Become a member of our first team volunteers
· Donate books, reading materials
· Make a monetary donation
· Adopt a resident


· Accept a major need as a group project
· Lead activities for residents once a month
· Plan and conduct social activities such as picnics, parties
· Help conduct fund raisers for renovation
· Renovate a room
· Adopt a “grandparent”
· Provide a library service from First Baptist
· Plan monthly birthday parties for residents