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Please note that updates are made daily to the online prayer list and weekly to the printed list.
(Updates should be submitted to the church office by 3:00 PM on Tuesdays and will appear on Wednesday’s printed list.)

Rainey Hospice House

Bub Edwards, 18

Dominion Anderson

Joe McGill, 160 and Elsie McGill, 153

Jim Ellenburg, 137

Jackie Oakley, 143

Sara Higginbotham, 222

Dominion Clemson

Ann Bennett, 314

Joe and Evelyn Beusse

Bub and Mary Edwards

Frank Garrison, Jr.

Duane Gerrard

Dorothy Jeanne McClain

Gerry McDonald

Brenda Richardson

Ann Vandiver

Edith Williams

Teresa Abraham

Darrell Boyette

Jeanne Brown

Irvin Cauthen

Joe Davenport

Bub and Mary Edwards

Jane Farnsworth

Jane Jones

Ervin Lott

April McBride

Randy McClain

Joe and Elsie McGill

Cecilia Page

Randy Smith

Charlie Thornton

Terry Martin – surgery scheduled for 9/27 at the Oconee hospital

Brenda Young (Kim Wilson’s mother) – is now under hospice care at The Garden House

Royal Washington (student at Calhoun Elementary) – brain tumor

Barbara Panzerella – has cancer and must stop smoking cold turkey