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(Updates should be submitted to the church office by 3:00 PM on Tuesdays and will appear on Wednesday’s printed list.)

AnMed Hospital

Ruth Bolt, 543

NHC Rehab

Joe Davenport, 523b


Jackie Oakley, 143

Jim Ellenburg, 137

Sara Higginbotham, 153

Ann Bennett, 250

Joe McGill, 160

Frank Garrison, Jr.

Duane Gerrard

Dorothy Jeanne McClain

Gerry McDonald

Brenda Richardson

Ann Vandiver

Edith Williams

Jeanne Brown

Jane Farnsworth

Ervin Lott

April McBride

Joe and Elsie McGill

Randy Smith

Joe Davenport

Eddie Vickery – continues to travel to Charleston to have chemo treatments

Terry Martin – sprained arm

Emmie Hazle – doing better; will wear a life vest for 3 months which is uncomfortable

Cynthia Carl – will have an angioplasty on 2/29

Diane Drennon – back at home after being in AnMed Rehab; her orthopedic doctor was very pleased and said she could be full weight bearing on that hip now

Tami Atkins -will have a biopsy on her liver 2/29

Kathy Saxton and family on the passing of her father, Bill Liddle, on February 23,  2024