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AnMed Hospital

Peggy Dolly, 433

Dominion Anderson

Jackie Oakley, 143

Weesie Anderson, 217

Jim Ellenburg, 137

Elsie McGill, 153

Dominion Clemson

Ann Bennett, 314

Bub Edwards, 225-8514

Sara Higginbotham, 226-5066


Darrell and Sue Boyette

Jeanne Brown

Jane Farnsworth

Dan Hallman

Jane Jones

Ervin Lott

William and April McBride

Joe and Elsie McGill

Stacy Minyard

Cecilia Page

Joe and Diane Payne

Lisa Wallace

Our Youth Group

The Work and Members of Our Youth Minister Search Team: Ruthie Fowler, JJ Orr, Thomas Roach, Daniel Walker, and Katherine Wilson

Eva Burke (Emmie Hazle’s sister)-condition has worsened

Danny Hoard – will have back surgery in Atlanta on 8/10; will require a long recovery

Leroy Cowan (Sharon Royals’ father) – dementia and related issues