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Irvin Cauthen – Cascades Verde (Greenville)

Mary Lou Kain (Addrian Wilson’s mother) on the passing of her husband, Harold Kain

Shawna Wilson on the passing of her grandfather, Melvern Callahan.



Audrey Taylor, 132

Harriet Smith, 226-8477

Margie Teasley, 314-8422

Darrell and Sue Boyette

Jane Farnsworth

Dan Hallman

Ervin Lott

William and April McBride

Joe and Elsie McGill

Stacy Minyard

Cecilia Page

Joe and Diane Payne

Lisa Wallace

Jane Farnsworth – Is now at AnMed Rehab # 210

Marion & Pattie Strickland (Tina Richardson’s sister and brother-in-law) – Marion was taken to ER and tested positive for Covid; he is 84 and has some serious heart conditions; Patti, will be tested tomorrow
Dean Page – serious health issue;will have more tests on 11/13
Clay Pruitt (member of Josh’s former church) – has an aggressive brain tumor and will have surgery on 11/17
 Lori Edwards (daughter-in-law of Bub and Mary Edwards) – cancer had returned for the 4th time