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Doug Stow and family on the passing of his brother, Danny, on 1/21/22

Joe Hames, Jr. and family on the passing of his son, Joe Hames, III, on 1/22/22

Harold Burnette and family on the passing of his wife, Libby, on 1/25/22


AnMed Hospital

Ruth Bolt, Room 4219

Liz Marvin – will have lumbar fusion surgery on 1/24;  she expects four to five days in the hospital and two weeks at AnMed Rehab

Garden House

Betty Madden, 317

Bub Edwards

Avanelle Howard

Harriet Smith

Margie Teasley

Ann Vandiver

Edith Williams

Mary Louise (Weesie) Anderson

Darrell Boyette

Jeanne Brown

Jane Farnsworth

Dan Hallman

Jane Jones

Ervin Lott

Joe and Elsie McGill

Cecilia Page

Joe and Diane Payne

Randy Smith

Lisa Wallace

Our Youth Group

The Work and Members of Our Youth Minister Search Team: Ruthie Fowler, JJ Orr, Thomas Roach, Daniel Walker, and Katherine Wilson

BJ Tiller – next Chemo treatment 2/3/22

Riley and Claire Ballentine (Charlie and Paula Ballentine’s new granddaughters) – born on 1/15; in NICU in Charlotte, NC

Haskell and Ruth Bolt – recovery after having a car accident; Ruth has a broken hip 

Family of David Ellenburg (Jim Ellenburg’s son, Dale Ellenburg’s brother)

Dan Ellenburg (Jim Ellenburg’s son, Dale Ellenburgs brother) – cancer diagnosis

Charlie Kay (grew up attending FBC)-had Covid and now has double pneumonia; he is in St Francis in Greenville