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NHC Rehab

Lawrence Webb, 517

Betty Walker, 410b


Hazel Young, 7A

Bub Edwards

Avanelle Howard

Ann Vandiver

Edith Williams

Mary Louise (Weesie) Anderson

Darrell Boyette

Amy Brown

Jeanne Brown

Jane Farnsworth

Jane Jones

Ervin Lott

Joe and Elsie McGill

Cecilia Page

Joe and Diane Payne

Randy Smith

B. J. Tiller – next chemo will be June 30; numbers have improved

Janet Odom (former member) – surgery went well; she thanks everyone for the prayers

Hilary Fowler (Ramona Hallman’s daughter) – doctors found a tumor on her brain but it is non- cancerous and can be removed by surgery with no other treatment necessary; surgery will be scheduled at MUSC in 4-5 months

Steve Hand – will have cardiac bypass surgery next Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM; please pray for Steve, Debbie, and their family for this upcoming surgery

James Chadbourne – will have aortic valve replacement on 7/7

Lynn Darby – kidney stone

Liz Marvin – will have a total hip replacement surgery on 6/30, at Steadman Hawkins

Donna Nelson – will go to hear the results of a biopsy that was performed on her salivary gland on 6/28

Tom Martin – surgery went well; recovering at home

Eddie Wentzky – experiencing persistent foot problems and facing the likely removal of a toe

Cliff Smith, Emily Dobson, and family on the passing of their mother, Harriet Smith, on 6/21/2022

Vanessa Thrasher and family on the passing of her mother, Patsy Flemming, on 6/29/2022