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Please note that updates are made daily to the online prayer list and weekly to the printed list.
(Updates should be submitted to the church office by 3:00 PM on Tuesdays and will appear on Wednesday’s printed list.)


Lois Maret, 514

Mary Painter, 228

Lawrence Webb, 523

Mary Simpson (Michelle Wilson’s mother), 521

Bub Edwards

Dorothy Jeanne McClain

Ann Vandiver

Edith Williams

Darrell Boyette

Amy Brown

Jeanne Brown

Jane Farnsworth

Jane Jones

Ervin Lott

Joe and Elsie McGill

Cecilia Page

Joe and Diane Payne

Randy Smith

Marian Moorhead – Recovering from surgery

Jimmy Newton – Home, recovering from successful heart bypass surgery at MUSC

Avanelle Howard (Summit Place, Room #12)

WD Perry

Rick Whatley

Richard Dorn

Sarah Palmer

Tom Martin – had MOHS surgery for a squamous cell carcinoma on his face on 12/6; please pray that the surgery area will stop bleeding

Nobel Brown – in Vanderbilt Medical Center Wilson County with pneumonia

Jimmy Lewis (husband of Mary Frances Lewis)